An on-time, and under-budget delivery starts with perfect project planning and design. We have the expertise and talent to understand your business requirements, find the right solutions, and deliver a product that meets your need.

Zero day-one bugs is our mantra. We have the staff and skills to develop and test with a fanatical level of precision that ensures both a smooth launch today, and maintainability and extensibility for the future.

For some vendors, a go-live ends their involvement on a project. At Catalyst Fire, a go-live marks the beginning of our commitment to the continuing success of your project.

We don't just implement your vision, we adopt your cause and your mission. No project is left behind, no matter the size.

Portfolio Spotlight: ASNT

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. is the world's largest technical society for nondestructive testing professionals. Together with Catalyst Fire, ASNT undertook a complete redesign of their ecommerce end-user experience, integrating Sitecore and netFORUM using Ignition.

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What others are saying

The Quickfire POS system helped us achieve some of the highest revenue numbers in the history of our conference. The ease and speed of the system nearly eliminated all wait times, rendered our (antiquated and rather expensive) order-form process obsolete, and saved us at least two full-time staffers, freeing them up to help with other aspects of the conference. The Catalyst Fire staff members were diligent and helpful during setup. They treated us like we were their only client. I would recommend the system to any organization looking to minimize chaos and maximize profits in a conference setting.
Danielle M. Henry, Communications Coordinator, BoardSource
It's more user-friendly compared to the old system. The standard reports that can be pulled from the database save a lot of time and provide us with all necessary data at the click of a button.
Bert M., Director
The Quickfire POS system was an easy and simple solution all around. From staff setup to onsite usage, it made our bookstore transaction process run the best it ever has.
Trevor Mitchell, Executive Director

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