What's your member data trying to tell you?

Active Dashboards

Numbers don't lie. But they're not always easy to interpret, either. Let Catalyst Fire update your systems to present actionable dashboards that interpret data and inspire users.

No more pages full of data labels and values. Instead, we will implement interpreted data that will drive your users towards the goals of your association.

You've got the data. Put it to work.

Personalized Profiles

Alter the way that data flows to your staff. Create personalized profiles for each department and fill their toolboxes with instant access to a dozen different charts and graphs.

Derive meaning

Active dashboards mean immediate answers for your staff, so that they can more quickly respond to member needs.

Promote Association KPIs

How easy is it for you to track your Key Performance Indicators? Don't let the your most valuable metrics get buried. Place reports and action items anywhere in netFORUM to track what matters most to your organization.


Like what you see? Our charts look even better.

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