Quickfire, the Point-of-Sale for human beings.

Why choose Quickfire?


Quickfire has a unique 'flat' user interface that's not just easy on the eyes—its thoughtful flow is also designed to maximize your staff's transactions per minute.


Quickfire is backed by the performance and stability of Flashpoint RESTful web services, which means a system you can depend on when your line starts to queue.


Backed by the UPOS and OPOS standards, no other solution suports as much point-of-sale hardware as Quickfire. Hardware packages are available, or you can implement Quickfire's 'Bring-your-own-device'.


Quickfire is trusted at some of the largest association conventions in the country and has been used to ring in over a million dollars in sales.


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What users are saying about Quickfire

The Quickfire POS system helped us achieve some of the highest revenue numbers in the history of our conference. The ease and speed of the system nearly eliminated all wait times, rendered our (antiquated and rather expensive) order-form process obsolete, and saved us at least two full-time staffers, freeing them up to help with other aspects of the conference. The Catalyst Fire staff members were diligent and helpful during setup. They treated us like we were their only client. I would recommend the system to any organization looking to minimize chaos and maximize profits in a conference setting.
Danielle M. Henry, Communications Coordinator, BoardSource
The Quickfire POS system was an easy and simple solution all around. From staff setup to onsite usage, it made our bookstore transaction process run the best it ever has. The integration with netForum combined with it’s simple user interface allowed for training of staff a breeze. Anyone on site who was even remotely familiar with netForum could just pick up a scanner and start processing orders with little to no instruction. With this year being our first year using it we had those minor issues that always come up but were able to address quickly on site and new that the Catalyst Fire Team was available to help us if we need it. We are now looking forward to using it next year as well as looking to leverage and expand its use into other areas such as our silent auction. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a POS solution
Trevor Mitchell, Executive Director

Bring netFORUM to your next event with Quickfire