Identity and Access Management made easy (No, really)

Why do I need it?

Using Catalyst Fire SmokeSignal identity server means that all of your customer logins are unified, even in external platforms without expensive customization by embracing the federated SAML identity standard.

SmokeSignal is a single branded login to simplify your member experience, and vastly reduce time-to-market for your integrations - internal and external.

Use SmokeSignal to integrate with:

  • Learning management systems
  • Content management systems
  • Community and social platforms
  • Thousands more
  • Personify
  • Association Anywhere
  • NetFORUM

SmokeSignal Cornerstones

Broad Standard Support

In addition to SAML SSO and SLO standards, SmokeSignal offers the features that homegrown solutions won't. Time-saving tools such as metadata exchange and payload transforms reduce time-to-market for service providers.

Highly Configurable

Themes, attribute transformation, payload customization, custom access restrictions create a branded experience and business rules as unique as your organization.

Catalyst Fire Support

Personalized installation, consulting, a breadth of integration experience, and thoughtful support means success comes standard. Trust Catalyst Fire to unify your organization's software platforms.


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