Your association isn't the sum of its database.

It's the sum of your members.

Catalyst Fire has years of experience implementing our clients' member-focused visions through netFORUM-driven solutions. We build websites and customizations that your members love using.

Catalyst Fire customizations are the perfect complement to the netFORUM platform.

What can we do?

  • Web service endpoints (xWeb and Flashpoint)
  • Site upgrades and re-implementations

  • Custom netFORUM objects and modules
  • New user experiences for iWeb and eWeb

Why Catalyst Fire?

Happy Members

We develop systems that your members will love, with beautifully-crafted HTML5 sites that take eWeb to its limits.

Happy Staff

Even the most routine of data entry gets the Catalyst Fire treatment. We carefully optimize forms and wizards to ensure the minimum number of steps. Meanwhile, Catalyst Fire's unique UI toolkit includes dashboard reports that allows your staff to get context for every piece of data in netFORUM.

Happy Project Management

Our zero day-one bug policy and hassle-free deployments mean success comes standard. We don't just implement a netFORUM solution, we share your vision and commit to your goals. When you succeed, we succeed.


Feedback about AMS projects

It's' more user-friendly compared to the old system. The standard reports that can be pulled from the database save a lot of time and provide us with all necessary data at the click of a button.
Bert M., Director
Access to membership information is easier and faster.
Lillian Y., PA Chapter
[The website is] cleaner looking and much easier to read and navigate. And easier to run, sort and read the reports.
Kim E., Executive Director, Oklahoma Chapter

Have you fallen in love yet?